Sewing started for me as something very practical. I wanted to be able to do some hemming and maybe make the occasional gift. I was interested in the various things I could make on my own, personalized just the way I wanted them. My passion for sewing started when I was expecting my daughter. First it was curtains for the nursery, then a quilt, then a play mat, and then I was hooked. 

Working with textiles is so inspiring to me because of the way that fabric seems to hold memories and evoke feelings. Often, we can think of a favourite item of clothing that reminds us of a special time, or a certain blanket that makes us feel at home when we wrap ourselves in it. I am inspired by the potential of my items for making and keeping memories, whether it is a new blanket for a baby, or a memory quilt made from the clothes of a loved one. 

I believe strongly in purposeful items. I use high-quality materials and construct things with great attention to detail so that they can be well loved and used. Practicality aside, I also find joy in using beautiful things. Finding just the right fabric and colour scheme for a design is so much fun. I want people to be able to truly enjoy my crafted items! 

My passion is in custom, handcrafted goods. I would love the opportunity to create something perfect for you, your home, and those you love. Thank you for visiting!